Here at Wee:Hope, we are really wanting to encourage your children to read their Bible and learn more about our amazing God, His incredible story and how we can each play our part.


In the wider community of Re:Hope, we believe that our faith should be Bible-based and want the children in our community to be rooted in the same firm foundation. During this time when meeting in person is not possible, we want to help you parents/guardians in teaching your kids more about God through diving into the Bible. We will be posting resources weekly to assist you in that.

Our current theme is “BIBLE IN 1 YEAR”, so our weekly resources will be centred around that. We look forward to seeing everyone again in person when it’s possible and hearing all about what you learn together as a family during this time!

Download the latest content below. 



In January we started at the very beginning (a very good place to start), in Genesis, with Creation and are aiming to have read through the whole Bible by next March! To keep this going, we will be posting weekly reading passages for you and your little ones to read through before the next Sunday, when you will be able to download a PDF with the outline for your time together.


Our Wee:Hope Team have put together a special worship playlist on Spotify just for kids - we've called it 'WEE ARE MIGHTY!' - Check it out this week!