Brian and Kellie planted Re:Hope back in January 2005. Brian serves as senior pastor, teaching pastor in Glasgow, elder and director. He oversees the staff teams at all campuses and along with the elders focuses on discerning God’s direction for the church, and implementing strategies for development and growth.

Kellie is one of the founders of the Reap & Sew Market, a curated indie market which raises money for missions and local charities. She manages frequent special events, runs mother’s groups and oversees a variety of teams pertaining to ministry, hospitality and facilities at the Glasgow campuses.




Josh lives in Belfast with his wife, Ruth, son, Reuben and daughter, Brooke. Josh originates from Exeter, a small city in the south east of England. 


The Binsteads relocated from London to Belfast in June 2016 to plant Re:Hope Belfast after 4 years of pastoring a church in South West London and have been on a wild ride ever since!

Josh is a gifted communicator, passionate about people and helping each person grow in their spiritual formation and practice. He is a huge believer in the beautiful mess of the local church and how God can use it as a body to bring about the renewal of all things.

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Stephen is husband to Abby, dad to Luke and together they live in east Belfast.


Stephen is a worship leader, song writer and creative. He carries a prophetic voice and a deep desire for God's presence. Stephen facilitates an atmosphere in worship that encourages joy, teaches intimacy and empowers freedom.

Stephen oversees all of our creative content across web, social and print and works together with our creative team to tell the story of Re:Hope Belfast.

Abby is part of the Core Team at Re:Hope Belfast and oversees Justice.

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A native Californian, Heather lives in Belfast City with her husband, Jonny.

Heather carries a heart of compassion for the people of God. She is passionate about leading others into full freedom in Christ through the amazing truth of the Gospel of Jesus; allowing them to see who they really are and who God really is.

Heather's heart for overseeing the prayer team is to encourage and equip others to be able to pray and intercede strategically from a position of love, compassion, and a right understanding of the character of God in order to see heaven advance on the earth.

Jonny plays a key role within Re:Hope as he envisions and develops Men’s Ministry.





A native Englishman, Scott lives in east Belfast with his wife, Naomi.


As ministry Co-ordinator Scott’s role is to plan, prepare and develop multiple events throughout the year whilst also mentoring and leading our yearly interns throughout their time here.


Scott also oversees all our Bible Read Through groups throughout the city welcoming every new member to our read through community.


At Re:Hope Belfast we have a Core Team of ministry heads comprised of staff and core volunteers who meet monthly to share, plan and pray together. Each core team meeting is an opportunity for updates to be shared and for us all to gather collective momentum for the weeks ahead. 

This is not a nuts and bolts group - we don’t spent much time working on details of how - but rather stay up at the why level, determining the purpose and parameters for new and ongoing initiatives.

Re:Hope Belfast Core Team:

Josh Binstead - Lead Pastor

Stephen Mayes - Worship + Creative 

Heather Taylor - Prayer + Discipleship

Scott Witherick - Bible Read Through Groups

Abby Mayes - Justice

Amy Webb - Wee:Hope

Mike and Rach Hendron - Sharing Jesus

Zara Porter - Communities

Peter Ross - Operations



Re:Hope Belfast currently sits under the eldership at Re:Hope Glasgow. The elders serve Re:Hope in several ways, providing spiritual leadership to the church and seeking to keep the congregation healthy through prayer, discernment and ensuring teaching is accurate and Godly. They also provide accountability to the senior pastor (Brian), watching over his character and integrity.


Other elder ministries include but are not limited to: praying for the sick, preaching, mutual accountability to remain above reproach, overseeing ministries and church discipline, which includes researching and responding rightly to accusations against any church staff or pastors. 

Our elders:

David Fleck, Brian Ingraham, Segun Komolafe, Russell Drummond, David Crawford, Cameron Herbert



We are committed to being accountable with our finances, going beyond the minimum the law requires to ensure our processes are transparent and ethical. 

Finances are managed by our directors who work with our Financial Administrator in administrating finances and maintaining budgets. They are overseen by the Elders who ensure the finances are re-checked every quarter by someone outwith the director team. In addition, we work with an independent accountant who helps ensure we are meeting all legal obligations and that our finances are not misused in any way.

Re:Hope Belfast Directors:

Jonny Ball, Josh Binstead, Sarah Burke, Kyle Duncan and Peter Ross.

Our belief in the call for followers of Jesus to be generous and bless others extends to our own use of what God has blessed us with – Find out more about Giving to the work of Re:Hope Belfast here.

Re:Hope Belfast Church
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