Wednesday 28 March

“For you granted him authority over all people that he might give eternal life to all those you have given him.”

John 17:2

Although we are weak, through Christ’s resurrection we are made holy.

Although we are weak, through Christ’s resurrection we are made holy. You are enough because Jesus is enough. As cliché as that phrase may sound, it’s the truth. God is inviting you to shake off our self-pity and condemnation and come to right understanding of who we are. We are made righteous before the Father because of the sacrifice of Jesus! To entertain the thought that I am worth any less than the costly blood of Jesus is a waste of his sacrifice. 

When God forgave us and brought us into salvation, he forgave us for everything. Not just some things, everything. He literally forgets our sin! It’s not in his memory any more! He doesn’t hold our past against us. He redeems our past by bringing us into the future he custom-made and originally designed for you. By wallowing in our self-pity and condemnation we reject that future and choose to stay in that place Jesus died to get us out of. If God forgot my sin, I should too.

That might seem extreme. But it’s the truth. Take hold of your destiny today. Ask Father God where you are limiting His dreams for your life. Ask him if there is anything you’re holding on to that he’s needing you to let go of. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal God’s heart towards you. And then learn to see yourself through that lens.


1. Thank God for forgiving all of your sins.

2. Ask for forgiveness if you have partnered with self-condemnation and despair, and claim the joy of the Lord that is available to you right now, today. 

3. Pray:

“Jesus, I’m so sorry for partnering with the standard of the world, when you have invited me into a superior reality; one that is free of guilt and shame. Thank-you for your grace and your mercy towards me. I declare that I have been made right with the Father through the blood of Jesus. I have been made holy. I have been made clean. Help me to see myself the way you see me.”

“For as far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.”

Psalm 103:12


Time. It has a funny way of adding pressure to my life. Uncomfortable pressure. You know, the no-escaping pressure. Moments, opportunities, deadlines, just ticking away. In this story, it’s the waiting...

When I moved to Northern Ireland I thought I had it all figured out. I’d arrive, take a week or two to relax, apply for a job and immediately start working. Everything would come together. I’d finally be with my husband, we’d find a church family and I’d find a job that brings meaning into my life.

Well, as my story goes I didn’t get the first job I applied for, or the second… or the twentieth. Time was ticking away and the rejections were piling up. I found myself already knowing what each email would say before I even opened it: “Thank you for applying for the above position, unfortunately...”

I’d stop reading after that. I found myself focusing on the ‘unfortunately’s in my life. I was hurt that my accomplishments were not good enough to even be considered. This lead to me thinking I wasn’t good enough. It was a lonely time for me, a time of feeling unwanted and feeling like a failure.

But looking back these months of waiting made my faith grow deeper. I was directed into a time where I could persistently be with the Father. This was my opportunity. Uninterrupted, focused, consistent time with God where time could freely tick away and no deadlines were in sight. Where my confidence in Him was made stronger and richer. I began to understand God wanted me and wanted this time with me.

And don’t I want to be wanted by Him the most? More than any job opportunity?

I am a daughter of the King, and he is the author of time who has written himself precisely into the weakest moments of my story.

Stephany Darling

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