Image by Ryoji Iwata

Racial Justice


As a church, we condemn any and all forms of racism. We will not accept or tolerate racism in our church, in our communities, in our city, in our nation or in our world. 

We stand united with our brothers and sisters globally. We grieve and lament with them for all of the suffering, pain and death they have needlessly experienced because of racism, generation after generation. 


We repent for the ways in which we have perpetuated suffering and avoided our responsibility for the lives of people made in the very image of our creator God. 


We are part of a global body- the church of Christ, and we cannot and will not ignore racism, injustice or suffering. We will not behave in a way that says because it does not affect me it does not matter. These are our brothers and sisters. We will not ignore them - we will listen. We will learn. We will change. We will pray and we will intercede. 

Below are a number of resources we have encountered to help us on this journey as we continue to learn together. Check back for updates.

Video from Josh + Ruth Binstead