In an age of rampant individualism; Jesus’ call to love our neighbour is a radical invitation to fix our gaze onto others. 

Therefore as apprentices of Jesus we want to do all we can to train and equip ourselves with a knowledge of the Bible that drives us towards love in action.  We don’t want to be all head with no heart. In all we do we want to live out the way of Jesus, being his hands and feet in the world. Loving the broken and the hurting and restoring their dignity and pointing them to Jesus.  We want to look after God's creation, living out our commissioning to be good stewards of all that God has made. 

 Five part teaching series at Re:Hope Belfast 

1. Justice & Grace

Josh Binstead - Sunday 26 May, 2019

2. Justice & Jesus

Josh Binstead - Sunday 2 June, 2019


3. Justice & Possessions

Josh Binstead - Sunday 9 June, 2019


4. Justice & Love

Josh Binstead - Sunday 16 June, 2019


5. Justice & Hope

Josh Binstead - Sunday 23 June, 2019


Bonus: House of Learning 

1. House of Learning: Justice

The True Cost Screening, Monday 10 June, 2019

Link to The Trust Cost on Netflix UK

First Steps in Ethical & Sustainable Living

To co-incide with our Shalom teaching series, our Justice team have produced a helpful guide in taking first steps in ethical and sustainable living. 


The guide contains some suggestions on how you could make small changes to ‘do justice’ in relation to food, clothing, gifts and your household. 

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(All remaining physical copies will be made available on 16th June 2019 at our Sunday gathering.)

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