Sundays are back

LIVE at 4:00PM in-person and online.

In-Person Gatherings

We're really excited to gather again in-person at our new location thanks to our friends at Stormont Presbyterian Church.


Our gathering will follow a familiar format with live welcome, worship, teaching and ministry available. There will of course be a few adjustments from how we have done this in the past, most of which are outlined below. 

It's important that you consider what is the best approach for your household, bubble or situation when deciding whether to attend an in-person gathering. While safety measures are in place; the transmission of Covid-19 cannot be entirely eliminated. If you are showing symptoms, unwell or feel uncomfortable in attending, we encourage you to join us live from home at 4:00pm via Church Online or YouTube.

Spaces remain limited due to social distancing and you must register in advance for track and trace purposes. Please only register if you are certain you can attend. If circumstances change, please let us know so we can offer your seat to someone else. 

Reserve your seat


New to


Welcome to Church! If you’ve joined us recently online or are searching for a church to call home; we would love to extend a special invitation to you to join us in-person on Sundays.


We can’t wait to meet you!


Additional Information


To make a return to in-person gatherings as safe as possible for our staff, volunteers and those in attendance; here are a number of safety measures we have put in place:


Our gathering will be starting on time and will be live streamed. We ask that only those pre-registered attend and arrive at least 15 minutes before the gathering begins. Our host team will be in place to welcome you and assist you to your seat.


Limited parking is available within the grounds of Stormont Presbyterian Church. We ask that everyone adheres to the one-way system, entering via the Upper Newtownards Road entrance and exiting via the exit on Castlehill Road.




Currently, communion will not be available at our in-person gatherings.

Face Coverings

In line with public health and local medical advice, face coverings will be a requirement for everyone over the age of 13. Masks will be available if you forget to bring one.

Hand Sanitiser

There will be hand sanitising stations upon entering and exiting the building. 


While we would love to welcome you back with a cup of fresh coffee and treats, we don’t feel it’s appropriate just yet. You are welcome to bring your own water bottle and or tea/coffee into the building.

Prayer Ministry

Our team will be available in the room to pray with you in our designated ministry area. There won’t be laying hands on people like we’re used to, but our team would love to pray for you - appropriately distanced.

Privacy Notice

Upon registration, your contact information will be held securely by Re:Hope Belfast for contact tracing purposes. More information on how Re:Hope Belfast uses your personal data can be found here.

Pre-Service Prayer

At this stage of our phased return; our Pre-Service Prayer gathering will be happening but with scheduled team only. We encourage you to pray with us where-ever you are, or while on route to the building. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak, prophesy and share with us what God is saying. Email your shares to: belfast@rehope.co.uk

Social Distancing

We ask that you adhere to 2m social distancing in and around the building. We know how we do this will be a testimony to those in the surrounding community. 

We ask that you respect distancing and avoid hand-shaking, hugs etc. 

If you have COVID-19 symptoms, have been in close contact with, or live with someone who has COVID-19 symptoms that you let us know as soon as possible. Please do not attend an in-person gathering until your period of isolation is over.  Also if you or anyone in your household has been notified by the track and trace system we ask you watch from home.


For now, there won’t be kids ministry in the building. Families can register to come together for the main service and sit together and also make use of our family room at any point during the gathering.




Further questions?


Please email us at belfast@rehope.co.uk and someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible.



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Our Bible Read Through Groups are a place where you will forge friendships, share prayers, and immerse yourself in the Bible together.

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For now, there won’t be kids ministry in the building.


Once restrictions begin to ease we will have further information available here.


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Our Pastoral Care Team are available to help, encourage and provide spiritual support for those in need.

Get in touch below.


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We're so thankful for the generosity of many that enables us to fulfil our vision. 

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