1. Generosity 

As a church we want to practice irrational generosity - believing that it is more blessed to give than it is to receive, Acts 20:35.  We want to be a people who live an open handed existence, bringing our joy filled tithes, our time and our talents to serve the work of God through His church.  


2. Excellence 

We serve an excellent God, who made an Excellent creation so in all things we want to be people who bring our best. We want our excellence to be un-distracting so that people leave each of our gatherings talking solely about how good God is. 


3. Spiritual Contributors, Not Consumers

The church does not exist for us.  We are the church and we exist for the world. We want to be humble in spirit but loud in our actions. We want to be doers of the word, not just hearers (James 1:22) - a people of action to see God’s kingdom come and those far from God welcomed home. 


4. People  

The Church through the ages has always been about people.  People are the heartbeat of Jesus and its around the name of Jesus that we gather people each and every week. We have a specific calling on us to reach the ‘next generation’ but all people, irrespective of age, background, race, and gender are welcome to join us at any of our gatherings.


5. Spiritual Disciplines  

We see Prayer, Worship, Reading the Bible are all central to the Christian faith and as a result we place a high priority on these each time we gather. This is true in the larger gatherings (Sunday services etc) and our smaller expressions of church (Bible Read Through etc).


6. Family

As a church we want to be welcoming people HOME.  A place where you can belong before you believe; being part of a vibrant community where we don't take ourselves too seriously, where we have loads of fun together, laughing lots whilst being genuine and real with one another. 


'Raise Up' - Disciple

'Maturity' - Full of faith, love, wisdom, grace, and confidence in God and the Bible; resulting in the whole hearted pursuit of holiness and unselfconscious worship in every season of life. 

'Success' - Completely understanding that all of 'our' success is God's work.

'Praying' - This includes both our dependency on God's intervention to do all the significant soul work, as well as listening to discern God's specific leadings and priorities for us. 

'Quality' - Prepared, intentional, 'giving our best' whilst not crossing the line into turning things into a 'show' or performance'. 

We exist to REACH and RAISE UP mature, praying 'Jesus followers' with a particular calling to the 'Next Generation'. 


How do we behave?

We behave with genuine passion, authentic faith, and a contagious affection for God and His Word.

What do we do?

We do this through Biblical preaching, prayer, worship, and Bible Read Through groups. Our priorities in the short term are to develop a healing ministry and be in a position to support people's missional efforts as well as mission locally and globally. 


How will we succeed?

We will succeed by praying, prioritising Bible Read Through groups, and providing inspiring, quality, next generation gatherings where people meet and grow with God, bringing others to do the same. 


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